On-demand appointment booking app development is no more a new thing. Whether it is about booking hotel rooms or getting an appointment with the dentist, on-demand apps have started to slowly find a place in our daily lives. Especially during pandemics, the demand for such apps grew exponentially. So, if you are in a business that directly lets you connect with your consumers then give them a chance to reach you straightaway by building on-demand apps. To begin with, all you will need is to go for outstanding app development services to get started!

Here in this post, we will see a few trending on-demand app categories, top features, and steps to build one.

Trendy on-demand booking apps

A number of on-demand booking apps are trending in the market and if you wish to invest in this area start by choosing the best app development company for the job.

  • Online food delivery app

This app helps customers to order food online from the comfort of their homes or offices or from any of their locations. In this kind of business model, businesses can directly connect with restaurants and start delivering their foods to customers. Here the major part of the revenue is raised from the delivery service and the rest comes from commission.

  • Doctor appointment app

With this app, users will be able to easily find and schedule an appointment for a doctor consultation. Based on the availability of doctors, such an app lets users book appointments and have online consultations. The system of the app will register the booking after confirmation.

  • Home service app

You may need to have access to an electrician, plumber, gardener, painter, and others to manage your home. A home service app will let you easily book for your desired professional just in a few steps. So, all that the user needs to do here is to enter their location and select the service they need. Select the preferred time slot along with other details and the user is done.

  • Travel app

This app model lets users seamlessly plan their travels or trips. Such an app can help the user with things like searching for destinations, looking for attractions, booking flight or bus tickets, car rentals, hotel rooms, and others. This app simplifies the whole process of planning travel for users amidst their busy lifestyles.

  • Hotels

This app makes hotel booking easier for users. Users can search for hotel rooms for vacations or business trips using it. All the user needs to enter is their preferred dates, time, number of people staying, city, etc. The user also gets access to last-minute deals and various offers using the app.

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Must-Have Features of All Types of On-Demand Applications

When going ahead with app development services, these are the must-have features to consider.

  • Login/Sign-up

This feature will let the user simply log in to the app. The user will be asked for a few details to form a profile before signing up. Users can be offered the option to register through social media account or by using the email address. The user should be offered information about the services based on GPS or location once they log in successfully. 

  • Dashboard to control the app

The app dashboard has to be only available to the app owner or other related professionals. It contains all the information related to the app like its features, operations, and users. It can be used by the admin to take care of app functions, features, and reports.

  • Map API integration

Integrating MAP API will help your users easily reach their destination. This feature can be beneficial in cases when the users travel more. When planned right, this feature can be included in your app development cost without hurting the budget.

  • Booking system

Adding this to your on-demand app will make it easy for users to have an easier booking experience. Based on the requirements of the user, the features and functionalities of the app need to be set. The user should be taken to the solution for their problem and should not be diverted anywhere else.

  • Numerous Payment Methods with high-level security

The app should have a suitable payment method that can cover all payment options like debit and credit cards, net banking, UPI, etc. The feature should be easy to use and app users should not have any issues with it. The payment process should contain end-to-end encryption and should be highly secure.

  • Review and Ratings

The majority of online users will look for reviews and ratings before making any buying decision. There are users who are willing to interact with your business as well as with each other. Now, these interactions will let other users know more about your business even when it does not work in terms of boosting sales directly.

Cost to develop an on-demand booking app

App development cost for an on-demand application can depend on many factors including the platform you choose, the features and functionalities you include, and much more.

Steps to Develop booking app development

1: Research your idea for the app

There must be some competitors already in the market for every on-demand app idea you think of. So, take time to look into those competitors’ apps to know what they are providing their users and try to know what more you can offer them.

2: Choose the App feature

To impress your users, you need to think about including a few exclusive features along with the basic ones.

3: Finalize Launching Platform

iOS app users are generally liberal when it comes to spending on apps while Android enjoys a larger audience base. So, the best way to attract both sets of users is by going for cross-platform apps. 

4: Decide your monetization plan

Choosing the right monetization plan is important for the success of on-demand apps. Some of the monetization models include the freemium model, commission-based model, uber model, etc. The selection of the monetization model depends on the real-time market scenario, the opponent’s model, and your selected app idea.

5: Finalize The Technology

Frontend and backend development in the right combination is the key for your app to work. Once all the wireframes for each app screen have been developed and finalized then it is time to build an interactive UI. Now backend of the app has to be coded in a way that it works in accordance with the user interactions on the frontend. Choose a good app development company that can help you build a strong backend for your app. 

6: Code, Test, and Repeat

Developers write the code and it goes for testing. In case of any errors, it comes back to the development team to change codes. This process keeps on repeating till a bug-free app is built. Now, this step is very crucial to having a user-friendly and intuitive app build.


On-demand apps can work as an effective tool for businesses when it comes to brand awareness and improved sales. To build such an app, it is important to partner with a trusted mobile app development company that can turn your app idea into a reality. Apart from delivering you high-quality, scalable, and profitable apps, they will ensure to deliver affordable services.