The way personal information collected on the website will be used is covered under privacy policy. You agree to the privacy policy mentioned on Myra Technolabs by accessing the website.

Following terms are covered under privacy policy:

  • Information collected over the website
  • The way personal information will be used
  • Information security
  • Choice

Information Collected Over The Website


Our website will collect some browser information from you. This information will help us to understand your navigation channel and make necessary improvements in our services so that we get to match your needs.


In case you are just a visitor on the website, as a business, we are not allowed to collect critical information except IP addresses and cookies. In case you wish to go ahead and inquire about some services provided on the website, we will request you some basic contact information.

Email Information

We may store your email address along with the content of the email messages.

The Way Personal Information Will Be Used

Myra Technolabs can make use of the personal information collected from the people who visited the website. We will not rent or sell such personal information collected on our website to any third party. In case there is a need to offer a service or process a transaction, we will access the collected information that includes name, email address, contact information, and personal interests.

Information Security

In order to protect the personal information of the customers from any loss, destruction, or misuse, Myra Technolabs follows strict policies in terms of operational security and follows technology standards. We restrict the use of confidential information by implementing firewalls. All data and information of yours will be completely secured at our end.


Regarding the use and collection of your personal information, we provide complete choice to you. Moreover, you can access our website without having to provide any information. This means you have the complete right to make your choice.

Modification Of Policy

We may change or update the privacy policy as required. The changes will be informed to you.

Contact Information

In case you have any questions or doubts regarding the Privacy Policy information shared here, you can always contact Myra Technolabs. We follow all the rules needed to process data as we fall under the category of data processor as per GDPR regulation.

GDPR Regulation Includes:

  • Any data breach will be informed to you
  • In case you don’t want to share some personal information, you can always request us to delete it.
  • We will delete all the information that is not required by us
  • You can also stop processing your personal information by raising a request.

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