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About On-Demand App Development

With industry domains getting revolutionized and technologies taking up the front seat, it is wise and practical for businesses to invest in effective on-demand delivery app development services. Myra Technolabs has been working over the years to help organizations implement digital innovations in their field by developing effective on-demand applications. We come up with cutting-edge applications to help businesses transform their ideas to drive more sales and bring in more traffic.

To keep up with the business demands and changing market dynamics, Myra Technolabs has a strong team of diverse on-demand app experts who are capable of addressing the challenges of businesses. We believe in building transformative solutions that resolve the issues and challenges of businesses in real time. Over the years we have served a number of clients and proved to be a trusted on-demand app development company for many in the market.

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Our Top-Notch On-Demand App Development Services

Transformative On-demand App Solutions For All Domains

Grocery Delivery

Keeping the users in mind, our team creates on-demand grocery applications that come with intuitive, simple and attractive user interfaces. We make it a point to prioritize user experience by including bespoke features and functionalities.

  • Online grocery shopping
  • Order customization
  • Scheduling delivery
  • Online payments
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Push notifications

Food Delivery

At Myra Technolabs we have a team of experts who are experienced and skilled in developing on-demand food delivery applications that are user-friendly. Here our team focuses on developing applications with faster load time and completely customized to the taste of users.

  • Online food ordering
  • Online payment
  • Easy order customization
  • Live order tracking
  • Promotions, coupons, and discounts
  • Easy-to-use filters
  • Push notifications

Professional Services

We develop on-demand professional services app that meets the different needs of users. Here a single platform will be developed to help businesses connect with the users and offer services.

  • Service categorization
  • Booking and scheduling services
  • Online payments
  • Discounts
  • Easy selection of service provider
  • Geolocation
  • Ratings & reviews
  • Push notifications

Logistics App Development

Our team offers a range of on-demand app development services that include fleet management apps, parking spot finders, etc. to help businesses meet their needs.

  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Fleet/delivery management
  • Real-time shipment tracking
  • Route optimization
  • Reports

Appointment booking

Myra Technolabs has a team of app developers that can build an on-demand appointment booking app that can manage all the appointments for you. We help your business simplify the appointment scheduling process for your users.

  • Profile creation
  • Search feature
  • Appointment booking
  • Multiple payment integrations
  • Live video conferencing
  • Document sharing
  • Push notification

Event Booking

Whether it is about letting your customers book tickets for events or notifying them about upcoming events or shows, our on-demand event booking app offers you the ease of running a business.

  • Easy user signup/login
  • Event categories & schedule
  • Event details
  • Buy tickets
  • Multiple payment options
  • Reviews & ratings
  • Social media share option
  • Push notifications


At Myra Technolabs, we have a team of specialists who are experts in developing on-demand healthcare applications. Our team builds an application that easily connects healthcare providers with their patients and vice versa.

  • Consultation scheduling
  • Doctor profile
  • Patient profile
  • Reminders & notifications
  • Geolocation-based search for doctors/clinics
  • In-app chat & support
  • Payment integrations

Hotel Booking

Experts at Myra Technolabs will develop on-demand hotel booking applications that will help hotel businesses easily provide a platform for their customers to book rooms and other added services.

  • User/guest profiles
  • Room listings
  • Price estimation
  • Online payment
  • Push notification
  • Chat option

Taxi Booking App

Now enjoy budget-friendly on-demand app development services for your taxi booking business from us. We integrate the latest functionalities and tools to help businesses easily connect with their customers and drivers all from a single platform with ease.

  • User signup/login
  • Book rides
  • Schedule rides
  • In-app wallet
  • Auto-location
  • History of rides
  • Reviews
  • Push notification

Our Services

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Over the years Myra Technolabs has been delivering high-performing and robust app solutions to businesses. We have played a key role in ensuring success path for many businesses by building transformative app solutions. To make that happen, we have a huge team of on-demand app developers who have an in-depth understanding of mobile technologies and years of experience in delivering high-end solutions.

We here follow a strategic approach with the right development methodology to build highly intuitive solutions that ensure higher user retention. To match end-user expectations our team comes up with fast-loading applications that are completely customized to the needs of our clients’ businesses. Hire on-demand app developers from Myra Technolabs to build app solutions with impressive features all at affordable rates. Get in touch with us to build the right team for your on-demand app development needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an on-demand application?2023-10-03T05:56:49+00:00

An on-demand app is one that lets users access services or buy products immediately.

Why should a business need to have an on-demand service app?2023-10-03T05:57:25+00:00

Going for on-demand app development has its set of benefits and they are enjoying a competitive edge in the market, getting new business opportunities, offering value to customers, etc.

Where is Myra Technolabs located? What is its team strength?2023-10-03T05:57:43+00:00

Myra Technolabs is based in Ahmedabad, India. We are a strong team of 25+ passionate and skilled developers who have more than 10+ years of experience in their domain.

May I know your developer’s industry experience and core expertise?2023-10-03T05:58:01+00:00

Here at Myra Technolabs, we have talented developers who have good experience and in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies.

Can your team work as per my time zone preference?2023-10-03T05:58:28+00:00

Yes, we do. Now you can hire dedicated developers from us and our team will work as per your convenient time zone to meet your milestones and deadlines. To know more, get in touch with us.

Will I have complete control over the developers I have hired?2023-10-03T05:58:48+00:00

Yes, sure. Once you hire developers from us you can be sure that they will be working alongside you as your employees. You can choose your convenient communication channel and have complete control over the team.

How can I select a developer?2023-10-03T05:59:04+00:00

After looking into your project needs, we will assign you the right app developer for your project. Moreover, you can also conduct interviews if you want during the hiring process. If the hired developer doesn’t match your requirements or you need to scale up the team, we can help you with that too.

What are the different engagement options available at Myra Technolabs?2023-10-03T05:59:52+00:00

The different engagement models offered by Myra Technolabs are:

  • Dedicated developers
  • Hourly based
  • Time and material-based
How much does it cost to design & develop an on-demand app?2023-10-03T06:00:15+00:00

The cost of on-demand app development depends on a number of factors and that can only be evaluated after understanding the business needs well.

How much time is required to develop an on-demand app?2023-10-03T06:00:31+00:00

The time required to develop an app can be around 8 months to a year depending on its complexity.

What are the advantages of outsourcing on-demand app development services?2023-10-03T06:00:48+00:00

There are a number of benefits of outsourcing on-demand app development services and they are high market demand, better branding and higher chances of getting the app idea funded.

Does Myra Technolabs ensure the confidentiality of the intellectual property of clients?2023-10-03T06:01:06+00:00

As a leading on-demand app development company, we are bound to protect the intellectual properties of our clients. We here sign an NDA to secure the source code and copyrights of the client’s project.

Will your company be offering me post-delivery support?2023-10-03T06:01:22+00:00

Yes, we will. You can easily hire on-demand app developers from us with ease. To make that happen we here have different hiring models to choose from. The hired experts will offer you the required support and maintenance services as needed.

Can I hire software developers for hourly or project-based tasks from Myra Technolabs?2023-10-03T06:01:42+00:00

Yes. Keeping the different requirements of clients in mind, Myra Technolabs offers flexible hiring models to choose from. This means you can hire developers whether on timely or project-based needs as and when needed.

Can you take over my incomplete app development project?2023-10-03T06:02:01+00:00

We have helped a number of clients in the past to complete their incomplete app development projects after they were unsatisfied by previous their app development partners. Schedule your call with us and we will see how we can help you achieve your goals.

Tell us more about on-demand apps. What is its future?2023-10-03T06:02:25+00:00

The future of on-demand app development is bright and it will soon be seen covering different industry niches. Moreover, a number of newer technologies like AI and blockchain will also enter the on-demand app development space to enhance the user experience.

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