Today more than 70% of the websites in the market are developed using PHP. It offers a number of outstanding features that can be used for both web and app development. PHP comes with a number of frameworks that can be used for developing robust web applications quickly and one of them is CakePHP. Apart from the benefits it offers in terms of code architecture, it comes with a number of key features that help with modern web development. Here in this blog, let’s learn more about this outstanding PHP framework in detail.

Why Use CakePHP for your business solution?

There are some good reasons to go for CakePHP development services and they are:

  • The tool is developer-friendly because of its MVC architecture.
  • The MVC structure lets the business logic be developed separately and layered as needed.
  • The framework comes with security-based features that are in-built.
  • CakePHP can build different types of apps and websites by leveraging different versions.
  • The advanced version of the framework comes with support for unit testing.
  • It helps in building URLs that are search-friendly.
  • For a web app development project, the framework offers complete control to the development team for database setting.
  • The validity of the project can be checked using the built-in validation tool of the framework.

How does CakePHP work?

The functions offered by this framework are what attract any CakePHP development company towards it. The framework comes with a request cycle that has many components. The following are the steps that are undergone by each request:

  • The rule is redirected to index.php.
  • The system executes bootstrap and autoloader files.
  •  The requests are handled by the dispatch filter which looks into generating responses.
  • In the next step, the model and the components are called and interacted with by the controller.
  • Now using the Helper Cells, the view section will generate the response for the header and the body.
  • The client gets the response then.
  • The response is delivered to the end users when the controller interacts with the views and models.
  • The process then starts by bringing the web page that the user requested which will be then followed by the concurrent requests one by one.
  • The client requests are then processed by the dispatcher. The controlled action is then deployed by the dispatcher after filtering action. It then interacts with the model to take up the dynamic data. Later, the components are taken by the dispatcher, and by interacting with the database model, feedback is sent to the view. Finally, the request of the user is seen over the web browser.   

What are the Best PHP Frameworks in the market?

To ease development, over time many PHP frameworks were developed. Some of the top ones used for PHP development services are:

  • CakePHP

CakePHP is a leading PHP framework that comes under an MIT license. It is flexible and is used for developing both dynamic and static web apps.

  • Symfony

Symphony is an open-source PHP framework and is ideally used by any PHP development company to build web applications. It comes with a built-in debugging tool and has a template engine with a simple syntax called Twig.

  • Laravel

When it comes to building bigger and complex projects, Laravel is a good choice. It comes with security-based features like authorization and authentication, database caching, and session management.

  • CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is used to develop feature-rich web applications and is lightweight as compared to other PHP frameworks. Being lightweight, the framework offers faster performance.

Top 7 Advantages of Cake PHP for Web Development

  • It is Cost-Effective

CakePHP development services are cost-effective as it is an open-source framework. Apart from affordability, it also offers flexibility which lets developers make use of different programming languages as needed.

  • Follows an MVC Pattern

With CakePHP development services, you will be able to offer modularity to the web application as the framework is developed over Model View Controller architecture. The MVC architecture helps in separating presentation and logic and supports rapid development parallelly. The framework can be used equally well for developing simple or complex projects as needed.

  • Helps with Code Reusability

With CakePHP, it becomes possible to develop and deliver solutions faster as it supports code reusability. A code once written can be used at many places simultaneously which saves a lot of app development time.

  • Enjoys a huge Community Support

Since its launch in 2005, CakePHP has turned out to be a popular PHP framework. For any CakePHP development company, it can be easy to find a solution to their problem if they get stuck. To find answers to the queries, developers can easily visit different forums.

  • Encourages Secure-Code Development Practices

One of the reasons why a CakePHP development company go for this framework is the secure code it develops for web application using security & session management, data validation, and others. Again, based on the different needs of the project, different validation rules can be developed. Developers can make use of modern programming techniques for today’s industry-standard projects.

  • Support for Unit Testing

When it comes to creating bug-free coding, the CakePHP framework offers the required assistance. For carrying out unit testing the framework shows application code.

  • Uses CRUD Operations

With this framework, developers can develop future-ready web applications that come with CRUD operations. Here CRUD represents practices such as Create, Read, Update, Delete. With CRUD features it becomes easy to update any web application including new features.

CakePHP – Wrapping it Up

By choosing this PHP framework, you will be able to enjoy built-in tools for core security, validation, and rapid development. Myra Technolabs is a CakePHP development company based in India that has delivered top-notch PHP projects to its global clientele. We analyze our clients’ businesses deeply and come up with a completely customized solution that meets the specific needs of the project. We ensure that we come up with high-performing and highly scalable web applications that are feature-rich for our clients.