Is React Native Still Relevant?

It was not long back that React Native launched a more stable and feature-driven version – version 0.69. Over the years, React Native has been able to stay relevant in the market with the latest updates- all thanks to the stronger community support it enjoys. There are a few good reasons that point out the relevancy of React Native app development and they are:

  1. React Native can be mastered with ease as it is developed using JavaScript programming language.
  2. It enjoys stronger community support – all thanks to its popularity. Here development goes in hand with community support and this leads to a stronger framework with the latest updates.
  3. Here smooth development is possible as the framework is constantly improved by the combined effort of internal developers of React Native. The framework gets redefined with each release.
  4. In the area of cross-platform development, React Native enjoys 38% of the market share. Now from that 14.8% of apps installed on smartphones in the US are made using React Native.

Why React Native for Mobile App Development?

  • Shared Single Codebase

React Native app development simplifies development as with this framework you won’t have to go through the process of writing separate codes for different platforms. Here you can have a single codebase developed and used across both platforms.

To make it more platform-specific, developers can simply make some small tweaks to the codes. This will help in offering an enhanced user experience while making integration with base components simpler.

  • Hot Reload

To make changes in the already developed application, it is important to build the production environment again. It lets developers view changes in the live environment of an app without disturbance. This way developers can decide whether to go ahead or not by checking the update.

  • Supports third-party Plugins

A React Native development company can easily implement key features into a business application by using the plugins offered by the framework. It comes with native plugins and JavaScript plugins to be used.

  • Interactive Interface

Users generally prefer to go for user interfaces that offer native-like experiences. This means the app will be able to get in more users if it is possible for it to recreate the native feel and look. Good React Native app development services will let businesses build apps that include designs that are platform-specific. Moreover, it comes with built-in declarative components that let users build apps that are customized to users’ needs.

  • Real-time Updates

It is important to make sure the apps are in sync with the requirements of the platform and updated. It is easy to update apps as React Native is developed using JavaScript. Moreover, React Native app development services make it easier for developers to launch apps with updates in real time with its code push feature.

  • Modular Architecture

The modular architecture is one of the key benefits offered by React Native framework. Here you can easily use the code used in other projects and work on them independently with ease. Here testers will be able to easily come up with test cases accordingly to assess the functionality and quality of the application. This way apart from improving the testing capabilities of the app, it also saves a lot of developers’ time.

  • Backed by a Community

React Native app development enjoys more robust community support. Here many developers work constantly to improve the performance of the framework. They work on improving the capabilities of the framework so that better solutions can be developed. Moreover, with time the demand for mobile app development is increasing, and to match that, newer technologies are getting introduced. This means to support the framework and help businesses to meet their requirements, community support plays a crucial role.

  • Efficient and High-Performing

When it comes to mobile devices, the framework is in perfect sync. To know how an interface looks the framework makes use of GPU which is something that makes this framework stable and fast.

What are the Challenges with React Native App Development?

  • Native Developer Dependency

If the project is complex then you will be required to take the help of native app developers. Here certain logic cannot be developed by using JavaScript, so you will be required to depend on the right React Native app development services for the job.

  • Doesn’t Integrate with Specific APIs

It is a fact that React Native apps may not work with specific APIs. Therefore, you will have to work on developing APIs that are important for your business from scratch.

  • Complex Interface Design

Designing an interface with React Native can be a challenging task. You will have to develop your app using platform-specific languages if you are focusing on a resource-intensive solution. Moreover, if you are planning to develop an application with complex features, React Native may not seem to be helpful.

  • Relies on Third-party Libraries

React Native depends on third-party plugins and libraries for app development. This means that you may find it difficult to get access to certain features and libraries in case they are not updated for React Native’s latest version. So, if you want to develop an application with such features included, things can get a bit problematic.

  • No Support for Parallel Threading

React Native does not support parallel threading and this means multitasking is not possible with the framework.

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Developing Apps with React Native

  • Layout Estimation Mistakes

Chances are high that you may go for similar structures when designing the layout of your application. For Android and iOS, these layouts might change in some places. How the layout will turn out depends on the design guidelines. Again, it is necessary to validate the form’s layout. Additionally, to ensure the layouts are good, it is recommended to enter a few lines of code and your React Native development company can help you with it.

  • Redux Storage Planning

Data storage and its retrieval may not be on the mind when designing the layout for React Native app development. Redux helps with planning, debugging, and storage of the app states. Before using Redux, it is important to have proper planning in place for all tasks. On the other side, for small projects, you should think about using something other than Redux.

  • Not writing Unit Tests

These ones are important to test the functionality of mobile applications. Generally, developers are required to document the process of developing the application and explain how its different functions work. Simply doing that can lead to errors during app development. This is the reason why React Native app development services stress the need of writing unit tests and checking the app performance at every stage.

  • Console.log Statements

Console.log statements are critical for React Native development. However, your app will experience slow performance and a reduction in rendering methods when you leave it in your application. A good React Native development company will ensure to take care of the same without causing any issues to your app.

  • Incorporating Stateless Components

The stateless components come with no class. They include any arguments in the DOM after display. However, going for stateless components for your development needs is not a good idea. Instead, it is advisable to go for pure components as it will help developers to carry out DOM operations and send AJAX requests without issues.

  • Wrong Estimates

generally, it required developers to even look into the smallest areas of development that will require time and effort. Failing to do so can stretch the development time. So, it is important also to consider those areas when defining the scope of work and based on that, define the timeline for app development.

How Myra Technolabs can Help Fill the Gaps in Development?

This amazing framework comes with excellent features that support mobile app development. However, it is important to avoid mistakes and overcome challenges on the way.  Again, when you are using React Native for app development, you should be aware of what you require for small, large, and complex projects. Here at Myra Technolabs, we are completely aware of what is required to complete the mobile app as per the business requirement using React Native. We very well know the framework inside-out and this helps us to utilize it to get the maximum capability. We here follow the best practices and rightly designed processes to reach your app development goals with ease.

So, if you have a React Native app development project in mind, connect with our team. We might be able to help you get the best result!