By now, everybody must have heard about ChatGPT. There have been mixed reactions around it whether it is related to affecting people’s work roles or helping people achieve better work-life balance. Here in this post, we will try to understand this emerging technology more and how small businesses in particular can use it.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a generative AI chatbot. This AI-based program comes up with unique answers to the queries raised by the user. In simple terms, they are chatbots that provide prompt responses to any kind of question. Chatbots learn language from huge datasets by using advanced machine learning. The chatbots of OpenAI has been trained for all types of textual data available on blogs, articles, books, etc.

ChatGPT gets to generate responses of different kinds, for several topics by following the above-mentioned AI research technique. However, there is one thing that needs to be kept in mind when using ChatGPT. It is always recommended to fact-check the content generated by the chatbot and proofread it properly because even the response generated by ChatGPT is not 100% accurate.

ChatGPT for Business: Know How ChatGPT Benefits Businesses

  • Generating Summaries

When it comes to generating textual summaries, ChatGPT can prove to be effective. However, there is a limit to the response generated by ChatGPT and it is called a token. So, it would be advisable to break them up into different sections so that you can come up with a complete summary.

  • Creating Outlines 

You can get outlines for any subject using ChatGPT. This will help you focus more on the core than too efficiently. They may include a wide range of information but still can help you get started.

  • Generating SEO-Friendly Keywords for A Topic

In an SEO strategy, identifying the right SEO-friendly keywords is crucial. ChatGPT can suggest the right words that can work for a particular subject which in turn can help a business to have better search engine rankings. This has been made possible by the large amount of training data it possesses.

  • Brainstorming

ChatGPT is capable of working as an excellent brainstorming tool. Whether it is about generating an idea for a new social media post, creating catchy titles that are SEO-friendly, or working out a new marketing strategy, ChatGPT for business is capable of doing many things.

  • Generating Customer Service Emails

Customer service emails can be automated with ChatGPT. Whether it is about alerting the customers about downtime, notifying them about any promotions or discounts through emails, or letting clients know about modified work hours during holidays, ChatGPT can do that for you that too in different languages.

  • Explaining Difficult Concepts

ChatGPT has been fed with large volumes of data which makes it the perfect tool to get answers or solutions for anything. However, the data in ChatGPT is limited to 2021 and so chances are there that it may not give you the right response for topics that are new. Overall, it can work well by being a synonym for an encyclopedia.

  • Creating Responsive Chatbots

Considering the API of ChatGPT can be an excellent choice for small businesses that want to include chatbots in their websites. No doubt there are many chatbot options available in the market but the AI capabilities of ChatGPT is what makes it the better choice. This means that as compared to the other chatbots available in the market, ChatGPT offers relevant responses to the inquiries of customers rather than using stock responses.

  • Generating Interview Questions

ChatGPT is capable of generating interview questions. This itself is enough to disrupt the HR roles. Based on the information you feed into the tool, it is capable of generating complex questions to justify the role.

  • Helping with Web Development

ChatGPT has been designed to fetch all kinds of information from the internet. This also includes some coding and web development. This means ChatGPT can help a web development company create web pages even though it cannot replace designers and developers completely. When selecting a design from many options or helping with further coding, the tool can help you.

Tips for Using ChatGPT for Business

  • Fact-Check

It is true that ChatGPT will provide an answer for everything. Still, it is recommended to always fact-check whatever the tool writes before using it outside. It can help you have a rough copy but it is not foolproof.

  • Proofread

You should always proofread the content generated by ChatGPT. Doing it is equally important like fact-checking. It would help if you also took care that the tone used in the content relates to your brand voice well.

  • Push the Program

In case the answer offered by ChatGPT is not satisfying, try to ask in a different way. ChatGPT will track the responses it offered earlier and based on that it will try to provide you with a better outcome.

  • Avoid Using ChatGPT to Create Entire Articles

Chances are there that you may want to generate complete content using ChatGPT. However, it is not advisable as search engines may penalize the contents that are entirely generated by an AI tool. You can use such a tool to get started.

  • Check Any Code Produced

Always look for vulnerabilities or errors in the code produced by ChatGPT. Make it a habit always to double-check the codes especially when you will be using them on sensitive areas like for making payments.

  • Never Enter Sensitive Information

The tool stores all the information fed to ChatGPT for future training in AI. So as per the European Union’s GDPR, entering any kind of sensitive data into the tool can be a violation of privacy regulations.

The Future of Chatbots

Since ChatGPT was released by Open AI in 2022, the demand and popularity for AI chatbots have increased tremendously. To keep up with the move, Google released Bard while Microsoft integrated a chatbot and released it with Bing. Web development company like Myra Technolabs believes that such chatbots are the future even though it can take up some time to adjust to this new trend. We believe that using such chatbots can help businesses reduce their workload while making the team more productive.

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