Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks that has been used by businesses across the world to build amazing web solutions. Laravel enjoys strong community support and this has helped them to quickly find solutions for many programming issues. In this post, we will discuss the top features of the best laravel development company.

Features Of Best Laravel Development Company

Laravel framework comes with a number of key features

  • Impressive Template Engine

Laravel framework comes with built-in lightweight templates. This helps developers design and develop a layout that leads to dynamic content development. Moreover, Laravel development services make it possible to create robust structures by coming up with widgets that integrate JS and CSS codes. Laravel developers can design simple or complex design layouts with ease.

  • Inbuilt Artisan tool

Laravel framework comes with an in-built command-line tool which is Artisan. It helps programmers to automate repetitive and tedious tasks. Apart from that, the Artisan tool also helps developers to build skeleton code and database structure. With Laravel, it becomes possible for a Laravel development company to easily manage different databases thus simplifying the whole migration job. Laravel lets developers deal with assets that have the same configurations as the MVC files that use the command line.

  • High-level Authentication

When it comes to coding of any form, authentication, and authorization are considered key features to look up. It also feels like the time required by a programmer to build something new. Laravel framework helps a Laravel development company to change the authorization logic and will also control the resources that are included in the solution.

Laravel coding time reduces drastically with the introduction of validation codes. Moreover, here developers have the flexibility to work on software of all sizes by leveraging the application reasoning feature that it offers. 

  • Unit Testing System

Laravel framework comes with outstanding unit testing features which makes it beneficial for developers to carry out effective Laravel development services. The framework offers the facility to run several unit tests at the same time without causing issues in the web application. With Laravel it becomes easy to release the web application in a range of steady releases. Moreover, for developers, it gets easier to write unit tests.

  • Modular Functionalities and Libraries

Laravel offer developers a range of built-in Modular and Object-Oriented libraries which is absent in many of the other PHP frameworks out there. Such libraries help developers with activities like password reset, encryption, checking active users, Bcrypt hashing, and CSRF protection.

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Here, we have included some of the top features of Laravel that have been loved by developers around the globe. The architecture of Laravel is outstanding and has played a strong role in increasing its followers. For developers, it offers immense opportunities to design and build new functionalities for different projects.