Many businesses invest in app development every year but only a few get successful. One of the leading reasons for it is the choice of technology. Flutter is a cross-platform UI toolkit that has helped developers build amazing solutions. The only thing to do is to find Flutter mobile app development company with the right experience and expertise to get the job done.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source mobile development SDK created by Google. It is used by developers to build cross-platform applications with native features using a single codebase. Developers can build high-quality interfaces for Android and iOS platforms quickly with it.

Why is Flutter Perfect for App Development?

  • Aids Cross-platform App Development

For a business new to the world of mobile app development, it can be confusing yet overwhelming to choose the Android or iOS platform to go ahead with. In that scenario, Flutter app development services may seem to be the logical choice. With Flutter, you will be able to save your time on development and quickly come up with an app that works equally well on both platforms – all thanks to the cross-platform app development tools it offers!

  • Provides faster development

Speed is at the top of the checklist when you are thinking about investing in mobile app development. Flutter comes with “hot reload” where any changes made in the code will be visible on the app immediately. This feature lets developers quickly try out new things, fix bugs, make UI changes, and add features.

  • Exceptional user experience

A Flutter development company creates applications by making use of readymade widgets. As compared to other mobile development approaches, Flutter provides a simpler developing process and a consistent object model through its widget technique. Flutter provides a good collection of widgets that can be customized and reused by developers as and when required.

  • A Great Interface for Any Complexity

One of the key features of Flutter is the flexibility it offers in terms of customizing the screen the way the business wants. Generally, it is difficult to come up with such a view when using native platforms.

  • Cost-efficient

Flutter provides a single codebase that saves money while reducing the length of the app development lifecycle. This means two apps i.e., for iOS and Android platforms can be released at a time within less budget.

  • Guaranteed by Google

For any app developed using Flutter, it will always enjoy support services from Google for a long-time. Google will keep releasing new versions, fixing bugs, and adding new features to the technology to a larger extent.

  • Full Consistency

Whether for Android or iOS, Flutter offers complete synchronization of the business logic with the user interface.

  • Supports Older Devices

For developers, the main concern is to ensure the app works equally well when updated. Flutter mobile app development company can ensure the same as the app development platform is capable of working even on older devices of iOS and Android. Moreover, the app will work on older devices without having to spend anything extra.

Know the top Flutter development trends

  • Write-Once Approach

Write-Once Approach is what makes Flutter app development services unique from others. Over the years, app developers had to invest a lot of effort to get the job done. However, for a Flutter development company, all they need is to have a single codebase and use it over both iOS and Android platforms.

  • Hot reloading

Things are simple for Flutter app developers as they don’t have to go through the process of code recompiling and accordingly adjusting things when making changes to the app. This feature lets a developer see the change effect on the code instantly. This will help him/her to compare the effects and know how far they have gone with the development process.

  • Aiming for the Top Performance

Speed is the highlight of smartphone apps. So, if an app doesn’t fulfil users’ needs, they will uninstall the app instantly. As compared to any app built using the native framework, the Flutter-based app will be smooth and responsive in all manners. This is one of the main reasons why to choose Flutter app development services for businesses over others.

When most of the cross-platforms for app development available in the market make use of JavaScript, Flutter is dependent on AOT compiler programming language to read the code. AOT offers a better user experience as it offers native platform execution and binary compilation.

  • Effective Methods of Testing and Coding

Flutter apps are quick, easy to use, and offer a better experience. However, developing a Flutter app takes time but the time required to deploy it is quite less. Here, changes can be made without disturbing the app and a single piece of code can be used at multiple places. Moreover, when it comes to testing a Flutter app, the QA team just needs to create automated tests to ensure app functionality is up to the mark.

  • Perfect Choice For MVP

MVP is the first release of an app with basic features. Generally, small businesses have limited budgets, time, and resources to work on app development. So, they release the MVP to a small user group and work on the app based on their feedback. Such an MVP is also shown to the investors to display their business strategy.

Businesses can start getting investments for their app by building a simple app with essential features. Again, Flutter app development is comparatively cheaper and a good Flutter mobile app development company can offer businesses affordable services right from MVP development.

Moreover, Flutter makes use of simple code so altering, updating, and personalizing that single codebase will work for Android and iOS equally well.

When to Use/not to Use Flutter

  • Types of Applications

  • Gaming apps

When compared to mobile frameworks with 58 fps, Flutter offers faster performance. For any app’s success, high performance is important, especially in the gaming industry. If a gaming app is not excellent in terms of speed, then chances are high that users will abandon it. When it comes to developing a high-performing app, Flutter app development services are a reliable solution for businesses.

  • On-demand apps

One of the trends that we see in the world of app development is the development of on-demand applications. The demand for such applications has increased exponentially with the recent pandemic situation. With Flutter, it becomes possible to develop applications with a native-like look and feel and an amazing user interface.

  • Photo editing apps

Now it is possible to create photo editing applications with intuitive interfaces with Flutter app development. The need to have an application that can help you improve your pictures have increased with social media applications becoming popular among the mass.

What else can Flutter do?

One of the popular trends in the mobile app development world is machine learning and it is more sort after for the accurate sales forecast and personalization it offers. Flutter allows integrating machine learning into its app development services. With Flutter, it is possible to have access to the features and kits of FireBase ML. A Flutter development company with low or no experience can also use these ML components and easily use them in their mobile application.

Why Choose Myra Technolabs for Flutter App Development?

  • Dedicated Team

At Myra Technolabs, we offer best-in-class Flutter app developers who will create and support Flutter apps that will meet your business needs well.

  • Great User Experience

Our Flutter app UI/UX team will provide you with Flutter apps with native touch and feel.

  • Flexible Pricing Models

We offer different hiring models to choose from – time, material & flexibility. You can choose one based on your Flutter app development needs.


Flutter app development help businesses build cost-effective apps for Android and iOS platform with a single codebase. It helps to build native-like apps that deliver an excellent user experience.