As an entrepreneur, you must have heard about the concept of hiring dedicated developers other than working with your in-house team. You may have your doubts regarding whether it works for you or not and what all options are available in the market. This guide is all about how to hire dedicated developers!

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When Should You Hire Dedicated Developers?

  • Make Up For Missing Skills

The tech industry is continuously evolving and new technologies are quickly replacing the older ones. This means the developer can’t learn each one of them and become an expert. So, chances are high that the in-house team of a business may not have all the needed expertise and so it would be better to hire dedicated developers who know of different technologies.

  • When Scope is Unclear

Sometimes the scope of the project is not well understood by enterprises and so in such situations, the software development process can get stretched. Such enterprises can resolve this issue by hiring a dedicated team of developers. You will be able to keep up with the scope and avoid deviations when you hire affordable developers from countries like India. Again, here you will have the flexibility to make modifications to the project as and when required.

  • To Have A Long-run Relationship

In the case of long-term projects, the company will have to collaborate with different development teams and scale up or down the number of developers based on the changing requirements. Now, this can be a tiresome task. The company will be able to get rid of this headache by joining hands with an outsourcing agency. Such an agency will take care of your project needs and appoint developers as and when required.

  • Projects Have Limited Scope

When the limited scope of the project is known then it would be better you go for outsourcing. This way without having to disturb your core in-house team, you will be able to get the work with ease. So, once the job is done, you can easily relieve your team.

Again, such kind of hire can prove to be beneficial when your in-house team is burdened with a large number of projects. This way priority tasks can be handled by the in-house team while the remaining tasks can be handled by the outsourced team.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Developers

  • Сost-Effectiveness

The majority of the companies are now outsourcing their projects to places that seem profitable. This means you get to hire a dedicated development team for a complete collaboration at lower labour costs and this is the main advantage of this arrangement.

  • Comfortable Taxation

Your business will be able to optimize taxation to a greater level by outsourcing the project to a faraway place. Easy to adapt taxes can be provided by the offshore development company to the client businesses situated in a different country.

  • Skilled Specialists

There will be a skilled expert available from different domains when you hire a dedicated team. You will be able to choose members of the team as per the requirements of your project. You may very well find an expert developer for your project in your country however, you will be able to do that for lesser expense and within less time when you hire a dedicated software development team.

  • Time-Saving

You can save yourself from spending enormous time recruiting a dedicated team of developers. You don’t have to spend much time on documentation or worry about issues at the organizational level. Here all you have to do is to concentrate on the important tasks and track the workflow by communicating directly with the developers.

  • Constant Communication

You will be able to get in touch with your team as and when needed. Again, you can ask your team to provide you with regular updates or answer your queries. Our dedicated team will provide you with complete support and maintenance service for the project when you require it. In short, such collaboration is worth giving a shot.

  • High-Class Results

Dedicated developers will work responsibly for your project and will provide you with a top-quality solution. You can even have someone onboard to monitor and measure the results of the team for you.

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Operational Aspects of Hiring Dedicated Developers

  • Protect Intellectual Property by Signing NDA

A Non-Disclosure Agreement is a legal document that is signed between two parties promising that confidential information will not be shared with any third party. When you hire a dedicated development team you can ask them to sign an NDA to keep all your data and information private.

  • Hire Experienced Dedicated Developers

The outsourcing team will take care of your remote development team and this includes everything right from hiring, managing, payroll, taxes, administration, etc. You can use different tools to manage your developers. Also, you can get connect with them as and when required.

  • Communicate Reporting and Work-Logging Requirements

The language barrier and different time zones are the main two issues of the company and the development team while collaborating. To avoid that the company must familiarize the hired developers with the communication practices and tools. Again, we can use a proper communication channel to avoid any kind of confusion and misunderstanding.

Best Mediums to Hire Dedicated Developers

  • Outsourcing Companies

When it comes to hiring a dedicated software development team, offshore outsourcing companies prove to be very beneficial. Such companies work as intermediaries between developers and client businesses. This means these offshore companies will make recommendations that only include development companies with experience and a good reputation. Again, these companies will only hire developers through tough screening tests.

  • Search Engines

Another effective way to look for dedicated developers is to go for search engines like Google. It will get to gauge the performance of developers by going through the reviews and ratings. Again, there are some bidding sites and job boards where you can post your requirements.

  • References

Getting references from developers who worked with other companies is another way to hire dedicated developers for your development needs. References will be transparent about the experience of developers. However, it is important to inquire about the kind of work that the referenced company had got done through these developers and try to understand whether the requirements were met or not.

How to Hire The Best-Dedicated Developers For Your Projects?

  • Portfolios

You will be able to learn more about the developers by collecting information about the clients for whom they had worked before. You can contact the client companies to understand the kind of projects which is complete with their experience about the same.

  • Expertise

The expertise of a development company lies in the knowledge of the developers in terms of platforms, technologies, and tools. Developers who are part of the outsourcing company will be able to easily work with the latest and trending technologies, tools, languages, and databases.

  • Compatibility

Many of the talented developers reside in offshore locations and work in different time zones. So, when you are planning to hire developers be clear about barriers related to language and culture; and also about differences in work hours.

  • Communication

Be clear about the preferred medium of communication when reviewing the candidates as this is very important to get the work done.

Myra Technolab’s Experience As a Provider of The Dedicated Development Team

Developers at Myra Technolabs have worked on a good number of successful projects over the years. Our strong clientele represents our dedication and hard work in delivering robust software solutions.

The Bottom Line

Dedicated development teams can work ideally for you if your business lacks internal capabilities in terms of resources. This way you will be able to keep your in-house team focused on core responsibilities while having skilled professionals available for handling your growing and changing technology requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. A dedicated team helps you with saving time, reducing costs, collaborating with tech talents, getting high-quality solutions, and adapting taxation.

The first way to hire dedicated developers is by choosing an offshore development company for your startup. Another way is by looking for a freelancer who can work for you.

Dedicated developers can be hired from different locations and so their hourly rates can be different too. The average cost of a developer from the US can be $41 – $175 while from Asia it can be around $14 – $75 on per hour basis.