When it comes to giving shape to your business idea, a software development team plays a crucial role. Still, it is not easy to find a skilled team with ease. When it comes to hiring a dedicated development team, several questions can come to your mind. Here in this blog, we are trying to answer these questions in detail.

What is a Dedicated Development Team?

A dedicated development team works on a contractual basis just like any other IT service. Here services are offered for a certain amount. It comprises business analysts, project managers, software developers, quality analysts, etc. and they serve different portions of software project development.

What Is the Composition of a Dedicated Software Development Team?

The structure of a software development team is not fixed and it is decided based on the needs of the software project. Still, such a team generally consists with

  • Project Managers

In any dedicated software development team, project managers are responsible for leading things. They work as a medium of communication between the client and the development team. It is the responsibility of the project managers to ensure the project stays on the intended timeline. They also work towards to setting objectives, goals, and milestones for the project.

  • Business Analysts

It is the role of the business analyst to ensure the product is compliant with the goals and technical specifications set by the government. One or more business analysts can work on the project based on its size. It is also the role of business analysts to keep improving the software development processes by working on the business data.

  • UI/UX Designers

UI/UX designers work on designing the interface of the project. It is in the UI/UX designing team’s role to develop a simple yet engaging design that can boost user engagement. UI and UX of the project get to decide its future. If a project has good functionality with a bad interface, then it is not going to work. When it comes to software development, look and presentation always matter.

  • Software Developers

When it comes to any software development team, software developers play a key role. Apart from carrying out coding, software developers also take up the task of designing the layout of the website or app as well as doing performance optimization.

The software part that is visible to the users, which they use to interact with the website or application is developed by frontend developers while server-side coding is taken care of by backend developers.

When you hire dedicated developers for your project, you will be able to have full-stack developers who will take care of both frontend and backend development.

  • QA Specialists

It is the responsibility of the quality analyst to make sure there are no errors in the developed software solution. QAs work towards decreasing the number of errors in each SDLC phase. They work towards ensuring that the customers face no or fewer issues once the software is deployed.

The Process to Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team

It is the basic requirement of a business, to find and hire a good development team that matches the requirements. To make that happen you need to follow a few things and they are:

  • Budget

For any business endeavour, the foremost thing to consider is the budget. Based on the kind of amount you can collect; you can choose your development team. Again, the pricing models of different development teams can be different and that has to be considered too. Some may offer you service for a fixed-price thing while others may charge you monthly.

  • Kind of Your Software Development Needs

Another thing that you need to consider when selecting a dedicated software development team is the kind of services you want for your business. Businesses can choose to go for either on-site or remote services. In the case of on-site services, the team that is outsourced for development joins the office. While in the remote setting, the development team will work for the client from their own office.

  • Skillset

The skillset can be different for different professionals. Again, when it comes to using different skills, the preferences can be different for the developers. So, keeping that in mind, it is important to choose the right team of professionals with the required skills for the job.

  • Structure of contract

It is important to look into the contract structure before you hire dedicated developers for the job. By doing this, you increase the chance of avoiding any disputes that may occur in the future. This will save you from facing any additional expenses or delays with your project.

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Hire a Dedicated Development Team from Myra Technolabs

We have already said that finding the right dedicated development team can be a headache. On the contrary, you can save yourself from the trouble of looking for a good development team by choosing one from Myra Technolabs.

We here offer different teams that offer you complete control and flexibility in your development project. To match your business needs, we offer different hiring models they are:

  • Full Team

With this model, you will be able to hire dedicated developers who will be there to start and end your project. Here, you will be able to hire developers as per your needs and then assign tasks to specific members.

  • On-Demand

With this kind of development model, companies can pick the only people they want for the job. They will work with your in-house team by being your team members.

  • Maintenance Only

This kind of development model is suitable for businesses that only want to make enhancements and updates to their software. Our team will keep updating your software solution regularly and will ensure it meets your business needs.


Companies of all sizes can benefit from hiring a dedicated development team. For startups, a development team can help in launching the product and achieving the business objectives. On the other hand, huge enterprises can use such teams to reduce the pressure on their in-house team.

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