Choosing the right technology stack is very important for a startup to take off successfully in the market. However, it is important to make the right choice as all the other major decisions made later will depend on this single thing. So you cannot go wrong! So, if you are planning to develop web applications, investing in PHP. To know why PHP for Web Development is the first choice, check out the below reasons:

PHP is Omnipresent on the Web

More than 79% of the websites use PHP in one form or another. This means the role of PHP in web development is crucial and there is no way it will become obsolete any time soon! This can be especially good for startups that have no intention of investing in a technology that can be risky in terms of its survival. Moreover, PHP enjoys strong community support and this means that the framework is always on the journey of constant improvements. Again, it is easy to hire PHP developers as there is a large global pool of developers with great experience in the framework available at your service.

The Best PHP Frameworks are Great and available for free

PHP has been in the market for a long time now. This has helped it to come up with a number of fantastic frameworks and effective libraries. Together, all of them can use by startup businesses and enterprises equally, to develop solutions that are simple or complex in nature. Again, open-source nature, faster and easier development, and well-designed interfaces make PHP a good choice for many clients. Some of the popular PHP frameworks are:

  • Laravel

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that is quite popular in the market. It is considering to be a good solution for building complex web applications in less time. Laravel development services opt for a number of reasons like MVC architecture support, seamless data migration, authentication, security, etc. among others.

  • Symfony

Symphony is a mature and reliable platform when compared with other PHP frameworks. Symfony development services are generally select for enterprise-level projects. The reusability of its components is one of its key features.

  • Yii

Yii is a component-based PHP framework that is using to develop modern web applications. Robust security features and ease of installation are two of the main reasons why businesses prefer Yii development services.

  • CakePHP

CakePHP is quite easy to learn and has become quite popular in a very short period due to its outstanding new components and framework performance. Hence, Businesses are choosing CakePHP development services for commercial applications because it provides different security features they provide.

  • CodeIgniter

When developing dynamic websites you can choose to go for CodeIgniter development services. You will be able to build robust components by using the pre-built modules it. Compared to other PHP frameworks, CodeIgniter is lightweight and easy to install.

PHP is Used by Big Guns In The Market

Being in the market for a long time has let PHP turn out to be a strong contender in web development. Today PHP is used as the programming language for some of the largest tech companies in the world like WordPress, Wikipedia, Facebook, and Tumblr. Enterprise-level projects are complex and demand technology stacks that go well with their needs. PHP has managed to stay as a better solution to take care of big projects with a high level of complexity requiring end-to-end infrastructure that is robust in nature.

Even startups can use PHP for their gains. They can easily build software solutions with good services by using the PHP SDK packages and integrating it into the app. PHP SDK packages come with pre-built toolkits that are free to use and effective in your development needs. This means if you are looking for a particular feature for your website and there is already a PHP SDK available in the market then you have a major part of the task covered. In short, rest is a cakewalk!

PHP Works Great with CMS

One of the other main reasons why PHP is preferred largely by developers as the programming language is due to the way it works well with CMS to manage content. In order to create a one-to-one experience, content is personalized for individual website visitors. Moreover, the websites on PHP can be completely customized so as to meet the changing requirements of the customers. This is possible because the major CMS solutions like WordPress, Drupal, and others are PHP-based.

PHP Words Ideally as a Back-end for a Javascript Front-end

The popularity of JavaScript is on a rise in the market. JavaScript lets in the development of UIs that works amazingly well on mobile devices and desktops. The development of attractive frontend applications has increased with the emergence of JavaScript with PWA standards. Just like the front end, applications need a backend too. Data is stored at the backend. If you need your frontend UI to be flexible then choosing PHP is the best decision. However, to make things better choosing PHP for the backend development will be good too. An experienced PHP development company will definitely be making the right choice in your favour.

PHP For Web Development Brings High Performing Functionalities

PHP comes with much functionality that includes multi-browser compatibility, cross-platform versatility, and also secures web apps. Moreover, it also provides protection to websites against viruses and other security threats. PHP offers you more control when you are at the development stage and help you to design and develop the website for the client based on their needs. Additionally, the website development process gets simplified as PHP offers a large number of extensions ready to be used. Moreover, web pages get loaded faster as here the loading time is less.

PHP For Web Development Offers Rapid Development & Maintenance

Developing and maintaining a website for a startup business is not easy. With PHP developers will be able to enjoy quite benefits in website development. PHP offers code reusability which saves lots of time and money. PHP even comes with a number of frameworks that offer built-in functions that can help in web performance. Moreover, it comes with a decipherable syntax that helps the developers to modify codes without having to make any updates. It also lets to use editors to help the predefined functionalities work properly. A company offering PHP web development services can efficiently maintain and support it due to the distinctive way it has been written.


In short, today PHP has turned out to be a popular language used for developing web applications. Its role in the world of web development is distinctive and the praise goes to the frameworks and libraries it offers for free. It is commonly used among developers and is also a known choice among entrepreneurs.