Today more than 50% of websites on the web are developed using the popular technology for web development named PHP. Among the developer community, PHP has mixed opinions. More businesses are now going for PHP development services as it helps businesses build exclusive websites or web apps. If you wish to go ahead with PHP web development for your business then having a good understanding of its frameworks, trends, and benefits can do good. 

Top Benefits of PHP Frameworks

  • Open-source

PHP is a server-side scripting language that is open-source and free. You don’t need to have any license to use it. Again, the open-source nature of PHP makes it easy for developers to use it at their convenience.

  • Data Flexibility

Something that makes PHP good for website development is that it offers support for many databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and others. 

  • Affordable Technology

PHP has proved to be an affordable solution for businesses as developers don’t have to pay for any license to use it due to its open-source nature and free availability.

Top PHP Web Development Trends 2022

  • Smart Chatbots 

For any business, irrespective of its size, customer service is integral to its success. For many businesses, it is important to ensure issues of the customers are resolved quickly, smoothly, and in a hassle-free manner. In this fast-moving world, conventional customer service options like in-store visits or phone calls are turning out to be inaccessible and time-consuming. Chatbots let customers interact with it just like any human interaction and help them resolve tech problems, queries, get documents, offer information, and normal store guidance.

When it comes to resolving and answering customer queries quickly and effectively, chatbots have turned out to be a reliable method. With PHP, you can build smart chatbots that offer easier and faster ways of taking care of customer queries. By choosing the right PHP development company it will become possible for enterprises and other businesses to come up with advanced chatbots.

  • PHP is Critical for Website Security

With instances of cyber-attacks increasing globally, the importance of cybersecurity is increasing for websites. Governments, organizations, and individuals around the world are losing millions of dollars to cyber-attacks every year. So, for your business, it becomes important to take the necessary steps to protect your site from such attacks.

You get to integrate robust cybersecurity measures into your website using PHP development tools and safeguard it against different cyber threats. You can choose to go for Laravel development services to build a website or web application to enjoy the best of its security features. In short, choosing PHP will help you build highly secure web solutions.

  • Trends of User Interfaces

For the success of a website, it is important to have a receptive and convenient user interface. With more websites trying to be user-centric this will remain as one of the prominent trends followed during PHP web development. It is the user interface that helps the website create an impression on the visitors who reach them. The brand may face a negative impression if the user interface is not up to the mark.

Many PHP frameworks and tools are used to develop user-friendly and feature-rich web applications that offer easy navigation. To develop a website that has more of a user-oriented interface you can make use of any popular PHP framework like Laravel, CakePHP, or CodeIgniter. A good number of PHP frameworks come with templating engine that helps in creating amazing User Interfaces.

  • PHP and Cloud Integration

With global cloud infrastructure growing rapidly and expanding quickly, the adoption of cloud technologies is increasing among businesses. On the other side, more than 80% of websites on the web are making use of PHP as a popular server-side scripting language. Integration of cloud with PHP is now turning out to be a leading PHP web development trend. For businesses, this unique combination will be able to bring out the best of web solutions.

Businesses will be able to have flexible, scalable, and cost-effective web solutions built through PHP integration with the cloud. Through this integration, developers will be able to harness the best of both technologies into their websites or web applications.

  • PHP Web Development with IoT

The web solutions build using PHP enjoy the support of IoT. This has become possible from the integration of IoT with PHP. For suitable IoT implementation, you can choose PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, Laravel, Symfony, etc. Your business will be able to gain from robust IoT implementation by choosing the right PHP development services.

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Best PHP Web Development Frameworks For Building Different Web Solutions

1. CakePHP

CakePHP comes with a set of amazing libraries and has many useful components. It offers a quick web application development process to the developers being a modern PHP framework. With CakePHP, you get to enjoy an easy process for web development and so is useful in developing specific and feature-rich websites.

  • Key Features of CakePHP

    • The installer is composer based
    • Code generation and scaffolding tools
    • Supports different databases like SQLite, PostgreSQL, etc.
    • Support for MVC architecture

2. CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is ideal for developing unmatched web solutions as it comes with a range of components, libraries, and tools. It is used for rapid web development and is based on an MVC-based PHP framework. PHP comes with ready-to-use libraries that are used for performing different operations like uploading files, sending emails, managing sessions, etc., and for connecting databases.

  • Key Features of CodeIgniter

    • Well featured database classes
    • Management of sessions
    • Security and XSS filtering
    • Database support for the Query builder
    • Form and data validation
    • Email sending class
    • MVC architecture

3. Laravel

Laravel is a popular PHP framework used more in the market. This popular PHP framework lets developers focus more on core features of server-side language. This means right from letting developers focus more on rapid development and ease of project scaling, it lets developers focus on core fundamentals. This is one of the main reasons why there is increasing demand for Laravel development services in the market.

  • Key Features of Laravel

    • Artisan system
    • Modules and libraries
    • ORM support
    • MVC architecture support
    • System for database migration

4. Zend Framework

Zend is an object-oriented PHP framework that is open-source in nature. The framework has been developed around MVC architecture. You can use Zend to develop a range of web applications as it comes with a set of PHP packages.

  • Key Features of Zend Framework

    • Object-oriented framework
    • Data encryption
    • Simple cloud API
    • RESTful API development
    • Implementation of advanced MVC
    • Flexible URI routing
    • Management of sessions
    • Supports different databases like SQLite, PostgreSQL, etc.

Wrapping up

PHP is the right solution when it comes to creating top-notch web solutions. It is a popular server-side language that has been used to develop different web solutions like web applications, eCommerce sites, blogging sites, etc. An ideal PHP development company prefers its framework against other server-side languages. Businesses make use of PHP to create quality and user-centric websites or web apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the latest PHP web development trends is the building of intelligent chatbots. When it comes to creating amazing chatbots, PHP frameworks and tools are best due to their open-source nature. Developers can easily use PHP to develop chatbots.
There are many PHP frameworks popular in the market like Laravel, CakePHP, Zend, CodeIgniter, and more. Each one of these PHP frameworks offers some distinct benefits. However, Laravel remains on top of everything.
When it comes to creating websites or web applications, PHP remains a top choice for many businesses. Wikipedia, Facebook, MailChimp, Tumblr, etc. are a few of the big names that use PHP.