The mobile app industry is evolving quickly and so whether you are planning to invest in a mobile app or upgrade your existing application, you must have a good knowledge of mobile app development trends currently followed in the market. Having a better understanding of such technology trends will help you shape your business model accordingly and make profits in the process. A business app that stays updated will easily get noticed by app users.

In the year 2021 and beyond, certain mobile technologies are said to make a lasting impression. Knowing them and getting implemented by partnering with a good mobile app development company can do you good.

So, instead of wasting time with a long introduction, let’s jump into it!

  • Mobile Commerce

Today mobile commerce has turned out to be a very crucial part of the mobile app industry. The role played by mobile commerce apps in boosting business success is really appreciable. In the beginning eCommerce giants like Amazon came up with mobile commerce apps, later even small businesses invested in this arena as they realized that such mobile apps can help them make good profits. This is because people feel using an app more convenient, rather than opening and using a browser.

  • 5G

We are now entering the time of 5G and now different stakeholders want to use this technology for better business outcomes. With 5G becoming prominent in 2021, we can expect better network efficiencies with it. Apart from enhancing speed, 5G will also change the framework of mobile apps. IoT-enabled mobile apps will slowly become part of our daily lives. Altogether, they will pave the way for better mobile apps in 2021 and beyond.

  • IoT App Integration & Wearable Devices

IoT is no longer a new technology today and more people now understand it as the technology that connects devices over the internet and allows the flow of data. IoT-integrated mobile applications are now getting developed and this will lead to appliances getting controlled using mobile apps.

In 2021, we will see mobile apps developed for home products; automobiles, healthcare, and other departments, and such mobile apps can be controlled through IoT.

Wearable devices are in the market for quite some time now and we will see new releases in 2021 and beyond to make the apps even better. Many companies have started to focus more on wearable devices and will expand the technology. Apple has already started to work in the direction of coming up with an iOS App Store focusing only on the Apple Watch. That means more technology using for the device to enhance its features.

  • Augmented Reality

The introduction of the gaming app Pokemon Go made Augmented Reality quite a popular technology in the market. It just changed the notion people had about gaming apps. Apart from working on gaming apps, 2021 will see more aspects of this technology. Some time back, L’Oreal came up with a virtual makeup app by integrating augmented reality and this helped the users to see the effect of makeup products when used, yes virtually.

Google also came up with Live View that lets the users simply take pictures of a nearby landmark or building and the location will be specified by Google. In 2021, we can expect to see more from this growing technology.

  • On-Demand Applications

2021 will see the increasing trend of on-demand applications. They rose to fame with increased lockdown restrictions in 2020. Such mobile apps let you order food online with ease rather than making you go through the pain of calling someone and discussing your order. Today, it is more than just a food delivery service It covers a range of services like hiring a virtual fitness instructor, hiring a taxi, etc. Some other services included here are house cleaning, salon services, private coaching, etc.

  • Mobile Wallets

2021 is not just about mobile commerce! This year will see a tremendous rise in the demand for mobile wallets. Google Pay and Apple Pay are some of the popular mobile wallet options you can find in the market. Mobile wallets are safe and secure. You will not surprise if you find mobile wallets as a standard feature in mobile apps in the future.


Now mobile technology will become important for businesses that are looking for ways to leverage it for their business growth. Choosing a reliable and understanding mobile app development company will be the first part of the job. The developers are working in such firms that will encourage them to upgrade themselves with the latest happenings in the mobile technology world, and the same will be doing in their work.

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