What is AngularJS?

It was in 2010 that AngularJS was launched in the market and since then it has grown in popularity and turned out to be a popular solution among developers when it comes to creating responsive apps and websites.

What an AngularJS development company looks for is progressive characteristics for development. This framework has HTML scripts that come with code templates that simplify things. It is quite good in terms of frontend development. The flexibility the framework offers makes it the right choice when it comes to building single-page applications.  

Here in this blog, we will be looking into the growing demand for AngularJS in the market and some of the prominent reasons to choose it over other frameworks.

Growing Demand for AngularJS Development

Over the years, AngularJS has evolved a lot, and today, it is one of the most popular frameworks among the developer community. Developers are able to build scalable and feature-rich web apps utilizing the features of the framework. Moreover, Angular JS also helps you create interactive components for apps and websites.

In the web development industry, the role of Angular JS has grown over the years and it is because of the rich features and characteristics it offers. In short, today it is not possible to think about creating single-page applications without leveraging Angular JS.

The Benefits of AngularJS Development

Opting for Angular JS development services has its own set of benefits and they are:

  • It helps with easy template creation as it comes with outstanding libraries.
  • It helps with direct routing and data binding.
  • Its model view keeps the data in sync.
  • It lets you create DOM.
  • It comes with an extension for HTML syntax that lets you develop reusable elements & codes. 
  • Angular JS helps you come up with a compelling and attractive user-friendly interface.

Top Reasons to Choose AngularJS For Web Applications Development

  • Develops with interactive user-friendly interface

AngularJS framework lets you create an interactive user interface. It simplifies development and makes it lightweight & easy. It also comes with a number of customized features. AngularJS leverages HTML script to let developers write codes and this helps them design an engaging user interface as well as specify the code. Now, this is the reason why the AngularJS framework lets you create a feature-rich, lightweight, and engaging application.

  • Declarative Coding

With AngularJS it becomes easy to read codes as the framework comes with declarative coding. Moreover, coding is simplified here as only the required lines of codes are written. Additionally, here everything is easier and effortless as AngularJS uses HTML.

  • Model-View-Controller & Model-View-View Model Integration

AngularJS follows the architecture of the Model-View-Controller & Model-View-View Model. This lets AngularJS developers build strong & engaging applications.

Any AngularJS development company in the market will have their designers divide the app into different modules based on MVC architecture. Designers will then write codes to connect each module together. Here AngularJS works as a bridge that brings together the codes.

  • Two-Way Data Binding

One of the attractive features of AngularJS is two-way data binding. This feature allows developers to create and modify a responsive user interface. It helps AngularJS designers to make the required changes in the codes.

The data between Model & View is incorporated by AngularJS. So, both of them get revised in real-time if any changes in data are found. This is the main reason why the development community finds this framework to be quite popular among themselves.

  • High Performance

With AngularJS you will be able to boost the performance of the app as it is a feature-rich framework. As compared to other JavaScript frameworks, it offers a better-integrated environment for development.

This framework comes with attributes like API Client, Filters, Routing, and others. All these together ensure excellent development in less amount of time.

  • Backing by the Google

Developers who are into AngularJS development services find this Google-backed community extremely helpful as their queries get resolved in a very less amount of time. Right from clearing your doubts to answering your queries, Google community support will do its best to ensure AngularJS development is completed as expected.

The community of AngularJS is formed by experienced and skilled Angular developers who are capable enough to get answers for even the toughest problems. Here web & app development gets better as it offers long-term support to the framework. This means if you face difficulty at any stage of Angular development, you will definitely get the answer from any of the many Google platforms out there.

  • Responsiveness & Security

JavaScript is quite flexible and comes with a setup that allows easy implementation of third-party libraries. Even after any updates, Angular JS turns your app secure leveraging its security features. It helps in building responsive apps and websites.

You get to build a security-centric app by using the libraries and revised version of Angular JS. 

  • Flexibility with the filters

The framework of Angular JS comes with a number of filters. Filters let you sieve the information before it moves towards the viewer. Now, this points to a number of functions like executing pagination, rebounding the collection order, parameter filtering, organizing the decimals, etc.

Key Takeaways

The way the framework lets developers create compelling, interactive, and strong web apps has led to the increasing demand for AngularJS development services in the market. The framework lets you design excellent mobile apps and websites in a way that boosts more engagement by bringing in more traffic.

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