When it comes to creating an effective business website, the design of the website is the first thing we work out on. You can find hundreds of web design and development tips online regarding the website, some of them may be useful too. But you cannot 100% rely on the tips suggested as they are either outdated or not relevant to your requirement.  One the other hand, “One Size Never Fits All”, and the suggestions may contradict from what you look for. So, here we have got you something most relevant, suitable for every business today with important tips and suggestions for your website design and development. You should apply these while creating your business website in 2020. Let’s explore dip down into it.

According to some online findings, you have only 7-10 seconds to leave an impression upon the visitors of your website. No doubt, it’s a challenge and you need to tackle this. So, you have to begin with the visitors’ journey from the time they stop by your website till they leave. The first thing a visitor encounter is a design –how your website looks like.

So, before start digging up the web design and development company in India, you need to take look at some of the important findings, tips, and suggestions are given down here.

Why Web Design Matters

The success of your business website will depend on how excellent the web design you have. The design will also ensure how your audience perceives your brand and interacts with the products. Whether the visitors remain the page or turn to your competitor will depend on the impression your website leaves upon them. Here are some of the top reasons why website design matters.

  • Website design sets the first impression
  • Supports SEO strategy
  • Build trust and makes you reliable
  • Makes you competitive

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So, keeping everything in mind, we have prepared a list of things that you can find beneficial for your website design.

But first… 

Let’s begin with some of the exciting facts, stats, and findings of Web Design;

The stats given above can help you begin with your design concept.

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Effective web design and development tips to consider in 2021. Hope you will find it useful.

  • Work Out on Design

Everything starts with the plan. You should also not ignore this and begin to refine your designing ideas by mapping out your visitor journey. Try to learn how your visitors interact with the page from the first time they visit till they become your customer or even exit the page. Yes, never get disappointed if any of your visitors leave the website without making a purchase or serving the purposes. Find out the lacking points as what laid them to exit the page. What content they read and what offers would convert them.

  • Implement Easy Yet Solid Navigation

Users or visitors stop by your website with a purpose to access information and if they don’t find it quickly, they are supposed to turn to your competitor. Make sure the information is quickly and easily accessible. So, ensure that your customers do not have to struggle to access the information. Their (visitors) attention spans are short and keeping them engaged, you need solid content and easy navigation. According to TYTONMEDIA, 39% of visitors would leave the page if the images do not load or take too much time to load.

  • Remove What Complicates You Website

Even though animation, images, and contents are the driving force for any website, they must not be complicated, stocky or lengthy. If you have such, you should consider removing it immediately. Remember, you have barely 10 seconds to woo your visitors. Once the visitor leaves your website, he may never come back. So, keep the unnecessary stuff out of your website.

  • Ensure Responsive Design

As smartphone users are growing rapidly, having a responsive website is the need of the hour. More than 60% of people use a smartphone to surf websites than PC. You have users who would access your website from various devices and you need to prepare the website design accordingly. Ensure that the website is easily accessible over multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, desktops, etc.

  • Website Speed

The stat which we have discussed earlier in this article suggests, you have 10 seconds to leave an impression upon your visitors. And, 44% of visitors would leave the website and turn to your competitor if the pages take more than 3 seconds to load. Not only the page, but the contents including images and video should load faster. Website speed matters the most and, in fact, it influences everything from bounce rate, conversion to revenue generation. If your website is slow, you are supposed to loose various important things. First, your visitors will not stick around. Second, it will impact on ranking. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to page speed.

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  • Keep IT (Design) Simple and Interactive

Visual complexity irritates users as Google itself has affirmed it. ‘Less is more’ and this theory fits right into this context. The more complex the design, the less impressive it will be for your visitors. Here are some of the tips to keep the web design simple yet elegant and lucrative enough to woo visitors and keep them engaged.

    • Think over column design over the sidebar
    • Keep the layouts simple and standard
  • Scrolling has an Edge over Clicking

Make sure that you have more scrolling options than clicking. Users usually don’t click to open a new page. So, if you have long information to show, then don’t compress the information into sliders or accordions. You can simply create a single page having all the information into it. Let them scroll the page to access the information you have for them. Some of the online finding shows, if you have scrolling options, then you have chances to increase conversion rate by 30%.

  • What about Providing Social Sharing and Follow Button

If you do not have a social media sharing button, then you are probably missing some of the huge social media traffic. Users would like to share if you have something good for them. You must be aware of these buttons. You may have many websites having these buttons, often on the top or the bottom of posts such blogs or service pages.

Final Words

Honestly speaking, the design is subjective, at least to some extent. And what impresses to one person may be hideous another. So, you need to keep up experimenting. Most importantly, you do not need to stick with one design for longer. You can try out new and examine how it impresses the user. But, keep things simple instead of implementing something complex.

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