Developing your own software solution means you need to invest time and money equally and generously. You need to have enough resources to keep the project going. Now, this is not needed always. How about an arrangement where you can get the software for a fixed price and then offer it to your customers on a subscription basis! You can make this happen through white-label software development services.

What is white labeling or what is white label software?

In layman’s terms, a white label is an arrangement where a product or service developed by a company is sold to another company. The second company then resells the product or service as their own to their clients. In the case of software development, white-label software is developed by a company and is sold to another company at a fixed price. The reseller company then sells the software on a subscription basis. This lets them get a regular ROI on the software solution. The product developed at the initial level is rebranded by the buying company and sold in the market as their own and makes a profit in the process.

White Label Software Development Services

White Label services help you to easily find the right software developers or the development company that has the skills to work on your project your way. This way developed software solution remains as yours forever, giving you complete ownership. The developers will not have any claims on it.

There are a few types of white label products and services and they are:

  • Business-to-Business (B2B)

In this type, services or products developed by a company are purchased, rebranded by a reseller, and sold to their business clients.

  • Business-to-Customer (B2C)

In this type, services or products developed by a company are purchased, rebranded by a reseller, and sold to individual customers.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

In this type of service, the product or service is hosted on the internet in a re-brandable manner and is licensed for a subscription. In short, the reseller can present the software as his or her and make it available for a yearly subscription. Such a thing helps the reseller make bigger profits over the period of time.

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A checklist to make your white label projects successful

You can definitely make your white label software projects successful and profitable by following a few things.

  • Decide the Features

When carrying out the project discussion, there will be a lot of debate on what features should be included and what not based on the available budget and set timeline. This means everyone should come to an agreement regarding what all things should be dropped and only the important ones make it to the list.

  • Plan Your Customizations

What do you plan to achieve? You need to be clear about a few things from the beginning like how your software should look, functionality, it’s branding, etc. Right from creating a user manual to coming up with a complete package – everything needs to be planned. So while briefing your development team, you need to let them know the things that you wish to include as they will follow the same.

  • Get an idea of Development Costs

It would be good enough to have an idea of the development costs currently followed in the market. You need to know the kind of money you will have to spend if you want the software developed as per your needs. If the software development costs are more than what you have the budget for, you need to know the kind of benefits you will get in return for spending such an amount of money.

Again, if you have a long-term project in mind or are planning to invest in multiple projects, you need to talk to the software development company to get a cost estimation.

  • Focus on Branding

You need to know whether you are going to face tough competition in your field or not. You need to develop a software solution that targets a specific set of audiences and is based on a particular stream. It will be good to choose a market niche that has a lesser number of influential competitors.

  • APIs to Integrate

You should have an idea of the APIs which you need to use additionally in your software. You need to know which of these ones are important at the initial release of the product and which all need to be integrated in the future. So, You should have clarity regarding who will be doing that job for you.

  • Plan Security Measures

Security remains a top priority when you are developing a software solution. You need to be sure that your end-user does not have to worry about security-related issues when using your software. When developing the software you need to know the kind of threats that may come up by using it.

  • Plan Your Integrations

You must have looked into different areas of software development when you are all set to develop new software. The influence will have on your business must have been on your mind too. Now, this is very important as you will not have any plans to end up with a software solution that does not integrate well with your existing solution and does not function well.

  • Think About Reselling Complexity

Before you go ahead you need to look into the possibilities of either sharing the software products with the developer or reselling it. You need to know what can be good for your business – to share the software on a subscription basis or sell it directly. You also need to know what the developer expects from you for developing the software for you.

  • Affiliations and Profits

It is important to decide that who will license and selling the software has to decide. When you outsource software development services, you will get your software for the said compensation amount. You can work out some tactical planning if you wish to work in this direction to make profits.

  • Support and Maintenance

The developer will come up with a support system for the reseller where he or she can contact the clients and interact in case of any queries. The developer will teach the reseller to look into the issues faced by the end-user and resolve them accordingly by offering a support contract. Such a contract can be renewed regularly by the reseller.

  • Find Target Keywords

You need to spend some time to know the kind of keywords that your users are using to find you. The same words we can use in the name and description. This will help you grab the attention of the buyers.

  • Set Pricing

You need to be sure that you are considering all the costs when you plan to sell it on a subscription basis. The software needs to developing by a developer, and this can also take up the expenses. Again, software needs to be marketing, and this again adds up to the costs. This means when you are finally selling the software you will have to consider all such costs beforehand so as to be sure you are not suffering any losses.

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Key aspects of White Label Software Development

  • Come up with ready to sale end-to-end products
  • Managing reliability and security of white-labeled products
  • Hosting the applications on specific server hardware on behalf of the customers
  • Configuring and integrating the newly developed solution as per the requested technology on the platform.
  • Ensuring the smooth working of the product or service by offering support service and monitoring performance.

Benefits of White Label Software Development

Here’s ​are few notable benefits of white-label software:

  • Building brand credibility
  • Expanded product offerings
  • Faster software launch
  • Lower risks
  • Strengthening customer loyalty
  • Reduced development costs

White Label Software is Faster and More Efficient

For several companies, white labeling offers them the opportunity to add more offerings to their portfolio and serve their business clients with more products or services which they already don’t have upfront. Developing a software solution involves many things which include implementation, testing, and finally rolling out the software for commercial use. All these require much planning ahead and need time to invest. Companies can save themselves from all such troubles and get fully functioning software developed through white labeling. In short, if you don’t have the resource, money, or time to design a custom solution for your business, you can better go for a white label software solution.

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Why do Big Companies opt for White Label Developers?

White labeling is convenient for many reasons to attract such a development arrangement and they are:

  • White-labeled products are easily available and you can have them implemented quickly.
  • White label app and software development help you increase your distribution quickly.
  • In case you are into reselling, white-label will help you make profits by letting you set a price for the software.
  • You will be able to build your brand while label products all the while creating a long-lasting bond with the clients.
  • If you are a reseller, you will be able to get white label solutions from different companies and thus offer valuable solutions to your customers through mix and match.
  • A white label helps you focus more on marketing and promotion thus saving you from the effort of planning and developing a new fresh idea.
  • White label lets you test the market before you actually come up with something. This reduces any risks that you may face later.

How Myra Technolabs Can Help Companies in Providing Best White Label Services?

Myra Technolabs is a leading offshore software development company offering white label services. We have a team of skilled white label developers who have the expertise and experience of working on different projects. Choosing Myra Technolabs has its own merits and they are:

  • Talented resource pool
  • We sign NDA to make sure everything works as per the guidelines.
  • Our name will not appear in the software product. It will be the property of the business that bought it from us.
  • We offer our services at a fixed cost and that remains the same till the end.


We can say that white labeling is an effective medium to grow your business. It offers brilliant opportunities for developers to develop software solutions that deliver to clients in a short time. Big companies with great ideas can come up with innovative solutions. The buyer companies can then make some modifications under white labeling and use it to serve their clients. This way, it becomes practical for businesses to grow all the while delivering complete client satisfaction.

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