Today a large number of frontend frameworks are available in the market for web development. Even though ReactJS is not a full-fledged framework, it is used by many companies for ReactJS development. It can attribute to the features and benefits that it offers in mobile and web app development. So, if ReactJS interests you too then it is time to know this framework better.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is a JavaScript library that has been built and maintained to date by Facebook. This open-source JavaScript library can be used to develop the frontend of web applications that are fast, scalable, and simple. The world of frontend development has greatly revolutionized with the introduction of ReactJS.

Why choose ReactJS?

Opting for ReactJS development services has its perks and they are:

  • Dynamic applications can be created easily

React requires less coding and so it becomes easy to build dynamic web applications and provide better functionality. In the case of JavaScript, you will have to write more codes and things get complex down the line easily.

  • Comes with reusable components

The base of React applications are components and multiple components will be present within a single application. Such components have the controls and logic and you can easily reuse them in your application. This means the time required to complete the app development gets reduced dramatically.

  • Has unidirectional data flow

A unidirectional data flow is following by React. During the designing of the React app, the parent components nest child components. The single directional data flow in React makes it easy to know where problems are arising in the application and the debugging of errors becomes easy too.

  • It has a small learning curve

React combines JavaScript with basic HTML and this makes it easy to learn. As compared to other frameworks and tools, spending some time will be enough to get a proper understanding of React’s library.

  • We can use it for the development of web and mobile apps

Everyone is knowing the use of React for web application development. However, it also comes with a React Native framework that can be used to develop mobile applications. So just by using React, you can have web and mobile apps built.

  • It is SEO-Friendly

Search engine optimization is important for the success of any online store. The app will rank better on Google if it has a lower page loading time and quicker rendering. As compared to other frameworks, React offers lesser load time and this helps the business to find a better position on the Google Search Engine Result Page.

  • Comes with dedicated tools for easy debugging

To debug the React applications, a Chrome extension has been released by Facebook. It makes the whole process of debugging easier and faster.

  • Strong community support

React enjoys strong community support and this is one of the main reasons to choose it for your project. React developers keep becoming part of the community to make this front-end framework even better to make it stronger. Apart from that, free tutorials on React are regularly uploaded on YouTube as well as on different blogging sites. The developers also keep answering the queries of the people on Quora and Stack Overflow. So if someone gets stuck while coding they will get reliable answers from here.

Features of ReactJS Development

  • JSX – JavaScript Syntax Extension

JSX using with React to explain the user interface of apps. With JSX, the file with JavaScript code can also have HTML structures written. This way no need to use complex JavaScript DOM structures and so it makes the code easier to understand.

  • Virtual DOM

ReactJS is also the main characteristic of Virtual DOM which lets you have a flexible and faster development. As compared to VDOM, manipulating real DOM is much slower. Here, VDOM changes only the said object in the real DOM instead of updating every object in it when the state of an object changes.

  • Extensions

React comes with many extensions that offer support for application architecture. It offers server-side rendering which lets you render the client-side of the web application on the server. After that, the client receives a fully rendered page. Moreover, in the case of web application development, it makes use of Redux and Flux extensively. Again, you can have cross-platform applications built using React Native, a framework that comes from React. Moreover, when you choose the right ReactJS development company you will be able to use extensions that will let your application enjoy added benefits.

  • One-Way Data Binding

React keeps things fast and modular using its one-way data binding. Here you will find unidirectional data flow which means the parent component nests child components under it. This lets the developers have better control of the web application as they will be able to easily spot the area where the error occurs.

  • Debugging

Larger community support makes it easy to test React applications. Now, react debugging becomes easy and faster using the small browser extension offered by Facebook.

  • React Native

It makes use of native components instead of using web components. To understand React Native better it is important to know the ReactJS concepts first and it includes JSX, state, components, and props. React code is converting by React Native to make it compatible with iOS and Android platforms. Moreover, with React Native it is possible to get access to the native features of both platforms.

  • Declarative UI

You can create interactive and engaging user interfaces for web and mobile applications using ReactJS. ReactJS only renders and updates the selected components in the event of data modification. For each state of the application, it generates a simple view. This way the readability of code improves and debugging becomes simpler.

  • Component-Based Architecture

ReactJS has component-based architecture. In short, multiple components are present in the UI of web or mobile applications built using React. Every component has its specific logic. Instead of using templates, the logic is that write it in JavaScript, this lets the developers pass data directly through the application, and DOM is not affecting too.

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Key Benefits of ReactJS Development

ReactJS offers several benefits that make it the ideal choice for front-end development as compared to other frameworks for front-end development. Again, opting for ReactJS development services from a good development company will have its benefits. So, let’s see the benefits of ReactJS:

  • Speed and Efficiency

The developer using React gets to use the different parts of the application, say the server-side and client-side individually. This helps to increase the speed of the development process. In short, here changes made in one of such parts or say modules will not affect the overall performance or cause any changes in the app’s logic. This increases the efficiency of the app.

  • Flexibility

The modular structure of React makes it better in terms of flexibility and code maintenance. This helps the business in terms of saving money and time.

  • Performance

The main objective of ReactJS was to achieve high performance. ReactJS comes with server-side rendering and Virtual DOM, making it easy to run even the most complex apps.

  • Usability

Even some level of JavaScript knowledge will help you deploy React easily. This means a JavaScript expert will be able to understand the React framework well in a span of a very short time.

  • Mobile app development

The days of using React only for web development have come to an end now as native mobile applications both for iOS & Android platforms are developed using this framework.


If you want to develop cross-platform applications for Android and iOS with native features, you should go for ReactJS development. ReactJS offers benefits to web and mobile applications with excellent user interfaces and outstanding features. However, you must choose a ReactJS development company with skilled developers to complete your business project as expected.

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