If we look at software development, we will find two types of solutions – custom and off-the-shelf. Both of them complement each other and help in filling the different gaps in the market. However, here our interest would be to focus on custom software development and understand how it benefits businesses.


Custom software is one that has been built to meet the specific needs of a business. Here a set of solutions are developed and together they form a team that targets the different needs of a business.

Different parameters that are looked into when developing custom software are:

  • Market niche
  • Target audience
  • Needs & requirements of the business
  • Concept
  • Marketing strategy

What Is in It for You?

For the last many years, businesses across the world were slowly moving towards the online marketplace and it got accelerated with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses started to look for contactless ways to strengthen their business and building digital solutions seemed to be apt. Now, this was the moment of greater migration of businesses toward the digital realm. 

There was an increased demand for IT services and the requirement was more than what the industry could handle. Currently, things have changed a lot and now the industry has enough workforce and talent to meet the development needs of business clients.

A business needs custom software to find a place for itself in the digital realm. Some of the requirements that such software can fulfill and can be experienced by the business are:

  •       Workflow improvement
  •       Remote work
  •       Business expansion
  •       International trading ability
  •       Improved supply chain processes
  •       Need for supply chain process

If even one of the above-mentioned points seems apt for your business, then you should go for custom software development.

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Trends in software development

To make you understand the need for custom software development, let’s take a look at some practical perspectives.

  • Today, the hiring process has changed and the main trend in this sector is to choose a development team for its quality and price, irrespective of its geographical location.
  • Today blockchain is limited to more than fintech and cryptocurrency. It is today looked up as the best solution for offering transparency and security to different business processes.
  • Instead of going with app development for a single platform, cross-platform app development for Android and iOS is gaining traction.
  • Updating the existing software with more advanced one is in trend now. It helps in dealing with incompatibility while letting businesses be ahead of the game.

How Is Custom Software Different from Off-The-Shelf One?

Let’s consider the different perspectives in software development to understand custom software development and off-the-shelf development.

  • Features

Bespoke developers at a software development company will carry out a complete analysis of the requirements of the client’s business. Based on that, they build and deliver on-demand solutions. Here services only required by the business will be developed and no added features will be present.

Ready-to-use software comes with software packages that are developed by larger software providers as independent products. Here you will have to pay for the entire package and it may also include features that you will not use.

  • Design

In the case of tailor-made solutions, wireframes are developed during the development process and are fully customized. Such solutions reflect the business and its style through custom UI/UX and so seem to be the right fit for marketing strategy. Custom UI/UX is designed by understanding the target audience, their issues, and their needs, so it seems to be appropriate from the point of inclusivity.

Ready-made design templates and patterns are followed in case of off-the-design design. This means a meeting to understand the needs of customers and come up with an inclusive design is almost nil. Moreover, such designs are hard to scale and are not that feasible when moving from one device to another.

  • Compatibility

It is possible to seamlessly integrate third-party software during customer software development.

Ready-made solutions show poor compatibility when it comes to integrating third-party software. Such solutions affect the productivity of workflow badly because of the restrictions it comes with them.

  • Security

You will be able to ensure the best security measure in place when you go for custom software development services that meet the best of your efforts.

When you go for off-the-shelf software products, you will get security from its provider. This means you will not have to put in additional resources and take any extra steps to keep your solution secure.

  • Cost

When it comes to custom software development services, financial investments are crucial. Developing a custom software solution means you pay for what you need.

As startups have no critical investments they can go for off-the-shelf packages. Here you will not get any custom features rather you will have to pay for the package entirely. It may also include the ones you may not need.

  • Time

To develop custom software, developers can take up many months. It is a time-consuming process and you need to be patient to reach the desired result.

When you go for ready-made software solutions, you will not be spending any time on development. Any software development company can install it for your business within some time.

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Custom software development is focusing on developing solutions that meet the unique needs of your business. On the other side, off-the-shelf solutions focus on delivering a software package that covers the business’s basic needs. It is focused on providing a single solution for every type of business.