Software development is a costly affair and for businesses especially startups this may seem to be very expensive. What if we tell you that now you can develop your software by not only reducing the overall software development costs but also have a better focus on the business, enjoy better flexibility, easily access different skills, and much more! Yes, now all these are possible by hiring dedicated developers for your software project. You can easily save money on your software development project by choosing a dedicated development team from an offshore company.

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Here in this blog, we will discuss when you should plan to hire dedicated developers for your project development.

When should you hire dedicated developers?

A few signs indicate when you should be planning to hire dedicated developers. The same has been explained below:

  • Experiencing a shortage of skills

The world of technology is changing faster. Its world is dynamic and it keeps undergoing regular updates. For the same reason, it becomes important for your developers to have knowledge of the trending technologies and tools. Now chances are high that you may not have all the required resources at your disposal. It is at this point you may feel the need to have dedicated developers for the job. 

Development companies will hire dedicated developers who have expertise in different technologies to compensate for the lack of their technological expertise. Such dedicated developers will deliver top-notch custom solutions that match business needs by leveraging their experience and expertise.

  • Projects that have unclear scope

There are situations where enterprises are not clear about the scope of the project. This drastically leads to an increase in the time required to carry out the software development process. Companies can tackle such situations effectively by hiring dedicated developers. Moreover, hiring dedicated developers from other countries will help you take care of increasing costs as you will be paying them only for the work based on the number of hours invested rather than a fixed salary.

Again, when you hire offshore developers from other countries you will be able to enjoy flexibility as you will get to make required modifications in the project as and when required. 

  • Ineffective utilization of technology

The software development arena is huge and it is formed of many programming languages, platforms, and modern tools. Moreover, the introduction of cutting-edge technologies has expanded the domain of software development. Now the problem here is that all your resources may not be experienced in utilizing all the modern technologies available in the market at a time.

However, by hiring a dedicated software development team you will be able to take care of this problem as you will have enough developers on board with all the required expertise on the latest technologies.

  • Facing difficulty in paying utility bills

When you have an in-house team then you will have to take care of the utilities like electricity, heating, cooling, etc. Now chances are there that these bills can get high. So, by hiring dedicated developers remotely you will be able to save thousands of dollars on your bills annually.

  • Struggling to retain your in-house talent

If you look at the statistics of StackOverflow you will see that around 75% of developers are always on the lookout for new job opportunities. This means employers will have a hard time retaining them and this does not look good for them.

Now, this issue can be handled smartly by hiring a development team remotely who will work as per your needs thus helping you ensure a smooth and stress-free environment at your premises.

How you can reduce the overall costs of your project by hiring dedicated developers?

There are a few ways in which you can hire dedicated developers while staying cost-effective and they are:

  • Cut additional hiring cost

There are chances that your in-house development team may lack the skills and expertise that are required for your project. In that scenario going ahead and hiring a developer full-time may not seem to be the right and cost-effective option.

Instead of that, the best thing you can do is to partner with any offshore development company and hire a developer based on your project requirement. This way you will be able to completely leverage the skillset and expertise of dedicated developers.

Offshore development companies have a wide range of developers with diverse expertise to offer.

  • Take advantage of technological expertise

Startups will need high-standard technical expertise and experience when it comes to developing complex and custom solutions. So, in case of startups go for inexperienced developers then they may not get the desired results.

Here the solution is to hire a dedicated software development team that will be capable of fulfilling the requirements of startups and enterprises by offering them high-quality fully-customized solutions.

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  • Zero training cost

The IT industry is going through constant change and so it becomes important for developers to stay updated with the latest technology trends. Businesses can find it a money-draining process to train their in-house developers with the changing trends.

Now businesses can avoid this situation altogether by hiring an experienced development team remotely for their development needs.

  • Only pay for the outsourced services

You have to pay for each resource when you plan to hire an in-house development team for your project. On other hand, you will be only paying for the service when you hire dedicated developers from an outsourcing company.

  • Choose the best strategy for the project

Chances are high that developers may make mistakes during development if the requirements and objectives of the project are not properly defined right at the beginning itself. Now, this can lead to an increase in the time required to complete the project and affect the budget badly.

Now this situation can be avoided by startups and enterprises by hiring dedicated developers with the required expertise and experience. Experienced developers will have a better idea of your project’s specific requirements even when it is quite complex.

Moreover, their experience will help them with essential changes in the project and save you valuable time and money.

  • Cost comparison: Offshoring vs. in-house vs. freelancing

Offshoring seems to be a cost-effective solution as compared to hiring a freelancer or building an in-house team. Every year billions are spent on IT outsourcing and the numbers from Statista state that around $288 billion is spent on these services around the globe. These IT outsourcing services include website, software, mobile app development, and other services related to the industry.

Another survey from a reputed company shows that around 53% of businesses prefer to outsource their IT functions to offshore companies. It also shows that small business spends around 6.1% while mid-sized and large-sized businesses invest around 4.6% and 7.4% respectively of their IT budget into IT outsourcing.

People generally prefer to hire dedicated developers than going for an in-house development team as they find it to be a cost-effective solution.

Moreover, with changes in geographical locations the charges of hiring dedicated developers changes too.


Software development is not a simple process so it isn’t easy to complete within your budget and time. This is where we come in.

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