What is WordPress?

WordPress is a popular CMS that has been used across the globe to develop and manage websites. WordPress can be used to develop eCommerce stores, personal sites, business websites, and blogs. With WordPress development, you are not required to download any software as it runs online.

 Now that we know a bit about WordPress, let’s see a few interesting facts about the platform.

  • The platform is available in more than 160+ languages.
  • It powers 40% of everything on the internet.
  • Dominates 60% of the CMS market.
  • Around 75 million websites use WordPress
  • It is free to use and is not part of any company.      

Here’s Why you should use WordPress for your business in 2023:

  • The most popular CMS

WordPress is the most famous CMS platform available across the globe and is the most used website builder. It won’t come as a surprise to know that WordPress covers 60 percent of the market in terms of developing and delivering content management systems. With more than 15 years of market dominance, WordPress is quite popular among the mass and saves a lot in terms of staff as the CMS comes with a user-friendly UI.

  • SEO Friendly

SEO is important for all WordPress websites out there. Now there are a few good reasons that point out how SEO-friendly WordPress sites are. One of them is definitely the influential plugins that WordPress comes with. If we look at Google searches, WordPress websites tend to stay on the top always.

Even with little knowledge of WordPress, small businesses can do some deep work on an online platform by relying on the best WordPress development services. Moreover, WordPress SEO plugins can help businesses get a competitive edge in the market.

  • WordPress is Free

Users don’t have to pay for downloading and using WordPress as it is open-source software. Even though using WordPress is free, web hosting comes at a price. If business needs require more than a basic WordPress website, WordPress comes with a range of paid plans to choose from.

This means even at some reasonable pricing users will be able to add some benefits to the business site as per their usage. The costliest WordPress plan is $540 per year and this means it is still a cost-effective option. Again, by finding an affordable WordPress development company, businesses will be able to bring down the costs drastically.

  • Flexibility

WordPress can be used equally well for simple and complex business projects because of the flexibility it offers. In case the business requirement is to have a simple solution like writing a blog or coming up with a complex solution like building a website with added features WordPress is always the option. In short, WordPress can be used by any business and anyone with any level of WordPress knowledge with ease.

  • Language multiplicity

The popularity of WordPress is said to help businesses with global reach. WordPress has managed to easily help businesses to reach their global audience by offering support for more than 160 languages. Even though the English language dominates the market by having more than 71 percent of the content published in the language, WordPress has managed to keep cultural aspects in mind.

  • Reliability and performance

60 percent of the market share is now owned by CMS and this means WordPress can be considered a reliable option when it comes to managing websites. Moreover, today 34% of the websites in the world are covered by WordPress and this is enough to know how reliable it is.

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  • Security and 24/7 support

With WordPress, it becomes easy to secure your business site. In case of any incidents like hacking, malfunction, or malware practices, a good WordPress development company will be able to get rid of them to a greater extent. It takes care of potential threats and bugs while offering security practices like folder content and passwords. Moreover, if the business has opted for a paid plan, then it will enjoy a 24*7 live chat support service from WordPress to provide answers to any queries and problems.

  • Wide range of Themes and incredible plugins

With WordPress, it is possible to add new features to the CMS solution without writing even a single line of code. WordPress comes with a large number of easy-to-use plugins that makes it the best CMS in the world. When compared to the competitors out there, WordPress offers more than 60000 plugins officially to choose from. Businesses will be able to control the look and feel of their website by leveraging the wide range of themes that the platform offers.

  • Rest API

Apart from using WordPress to build a business site or write a blog, WordPress lets businesses build an app by using the REST API offered by the platform. With REST API, it will become possible to make use of any programming language to work on HTTP, and WordPress development services can help with it.

  • No coding is needed

With WordPress, it is possible to easily design a user-friendly website. Moreover, with the use of no-code plugins, it becomes possible to easily make changes to WordPress sites.

WordPress can be the best solution for small businesses that are looking for a way to easily build a simple website without writing even a single line of code. Moreover, it comes with a number of website builders that can be easily used through drag-and-drop accessibility.

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So, What Should Be the Next Step? Time To Get the Best Web Development Solutions

Having a good understanding of the above-mentioned features and functionalities covered under the platform, as a business you can consider yourself ready to make use of WordPress in an optimal manner.

So, if you have a WordPress project at hand and need to get ahead with it, enjoy the best of the platform by choosing us.