If we look at the statistics of the W3Tech report, we will come to know that till January 2023, more than 78% of websites in the market were built on PHP. PHP development is one of the most popular programming languages to build websites and applications. The most used version of the PHP framework is PHP 7.4. This scripting language for the general purpose has been developed for web development.

The IT industry has a sufficient number of programming languages to use; however, PHP is the most preferred language among the developer community. PHP framework lets you build robust business solutions.

What makes PHP development differ from other programming languages?

A number of social media platforms out there have been developed using the PHP framework. Choosing a PHP framework for development comes with a number of benefits and they are:

  • PHP is open-source and so is free of charge to use.
  • Enjoys support of the powerful library.
  • Simple to use and has less learning curve.
  • Can combine PHP with other programming languages due to its flexibility.
  • You can run PHP-based applications over any device or operating system.
  • As compared to other programming languages, it offers faster loading time even with slow internet.
  • PHP you manage your codes effectively and efficiently.
  • Helps you build web applications and sites with less effort and time.
  • Helps with code reuse- saving you a lot on writing new codes from scratch.

Apart from the ones listed here, PHP offers a number of other benefits too. However, you will only experience them when you start working on them. PHP helps you come up with more realistic, futuristic, and fun websites and applications.

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Top Incredible Uses of PHP Development Language

  • Send a notification to your client

Apart from being a programming language, PHP also plays a huge role in removing any dependencies you have on third-party email services. For example, PHP lets you send notifications to your clients. It also lets you create an email list of all your clients in the first place. With the right PHP development services, you will be able to get all these tasks done. 

  • Cyber security

Over the years the frequency of cyber-attacks has increased and 64% of companies have already faced the brunt. Because of that, the need to invest in cyber security has increased like never before. It is the need of companies to safeguard their websites from such attacks.

You can use PHP to integrate cybersecurity into your site. PHP will use encryption to store the username and password of your client over the database. This will help you save the information of your clients. 

Another way to secure the username and password of the client is by adding two or more steps of verification. Two-step verification is today followed by most banks and websites especially the ones dealing with online transactions, to secure their sites from hackers. You can easily implement a two-step verification into your website by choosing the right PHP development company.

  • CMS system

What a business expects from a website can be different from what another company expects and this can change from time to time. Some wish to change the content on the website while others wish to update the data.

A CMS helps the business to update the content or data on the website and manage it with ease. This critical system helps them easily edit the contents just by following a few simple steps.

With PHP you will be able to build a CMS system that is user-friendly and secure. With PHP you will be able to build one from scratch and a good PHP development company can help you with the job.

  • E-Commerce development

Designing and developing attractive and easy-to-use eCommerce sites needs time and effort. With PHP, eCommerce development becomes easy. This means you will be able to reap many benefits when you use PHP to build your eCommerce store.

With the PHP framework, you will be able to build an eCommerce site without having to write codes from scratch. Some of the popular PHP frameworks used for creating eCommerce stores are Symfony, Laravel, etc. Moreover, you will also be able to access the libraries and use the source code from these frameworks.

Additionally, many prefer to choose the PHP framework to build eCommerce sites as PHP development services help them reduce the time and effort required for the task. This is the reason why many eCommerce applications and websites are developed using the framework.

  • Create images and social media filters

With PHP you will be able to create images and many are unaware of this feature. Apart from photos, you also will be able to create filters for social media platforms using PHP. You also get to create graphics just within a few lines of code as the PHP library offers a toolset of GD libraries.

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PHP is an open-source framework for web development. It offers a number of benefits for developers making it an irresistible choice. Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, it offers more like cookie handling, AMP integration, and much more.